perjantai, 18. joulukuu 2009

Christmas card swap

This card I made for Marjo-Riitta (no blog)... She live in Kemi.

This exchange group found here -> Pretty exchanges.

WOODLAND SNOWFALL desingned by Diane Williams of Little House Needleworks. 

torstai, 17. joulukuu 2009

Something for myself

I stitching this cute Helga Mandi´s desing for myself. It is very easy to stitch. I change a little bit colours :)

This found from The Gift of Stitching magazine 12/09

keskiviikko, 9. joulukuu 2009

Lovely PIF from Andrea

Andrea!!! You surprise me totally. I loved your biscornu  ! And now I will show it to everybody... you are so talent!

This is not tiny biscornu, size is about 17x17cm! Fabric black 28 count Monaco, threads DMC, skirts are blackwork, sweaters are varied counted stitches... Designed by Andrea Holme!!!

keskiviikko, 9. joulukuu 2009

Christmas song exchange

I joined this nice exchange in here ... And look what I got from Sari ! This is just perfect for me... I loved snowman´s!

I stitching for Teija ... but I forgot taken photo, but you see in Teija´s page´s what I stitching for her :)

keskiviikko, 14. lokakuu 2009


Osallistuin aikapäiviä sitten Aijan Ristipistoilua - X-stitching blogissa PIF:iin ja unohdin tyystin koko homman :) ... ja sitten tuli yllätys... siis aivan ihana patalappu, jossa ihana slaavilainen malli De fil en aiguille -lehdestä. Just eikä melkein minun makuuni! Iso kiitos Aija sinulle!